Following its establishment, JOY-Uganda has engaged in a number of programmes to include, health promotion, community mobilization, livelihood development, Orphan Vulnerable Children support and human rights education, for which it has registered numerous achievements.

However, there is plenty of work that needs to be done to enable JOY-Uganda improve the lives of vulnerable children, youth and women in the community regardless of race, colour, religion, national or ethnic origin, disability.

Key Programmes

Health Promotion: This programme entails relevant activities all geared at improving health in the community. Awareness campaigns to promote hygiene and sanitation, drinking safe water, hand washing and sleeping under a mosquito net are been conducted. Read More

Livelihood Promotion; Under this programmes, focus is put on promotion of entrepreneurship skills, Vocational Training, Sustainable Agriculture and Adult Functional Literacy. Read More

Human Rights Education: Due to high unemployment levels, illiteracy and ignorance among rural young people, most youth have fallen culprits of human rights abuse, children are also often abused. This program aims at sensitizing the grassroot communities about human rights to promote peace and justice in society. Trainings are carried out on various topics to include women children rights, women rights, civic rights, land rights, disability rights and others Read More

Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). This programme aim improving the quality of life of vulnerable children who would otherwise be on the city and towns streets due social and economic hardships. We support children with scholaristic materials, counseling and income generating activities through their families. Under this programmes plans are underway to support OVCs who are in dire need of scholarship, as soon as funds are available. Read More

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